Elf Army of Light, a 501(c)3, provides nonreligious support to any person who has experienced pregnancy loss and infant death.  We connect people in the community to resources and each other to understand how to navigate through this journey together using empathy, love, and friendship.


Elf Army of Light is the organization for parents who have experienced pregnancy loss and infant death to access non-religious grief support. This includes finding supportive resources in local areas including funeral homes, experienced hospitals and OBGYNs as well as memorial ideas, books, research foundations, helpful videos, and blogs. We will provide education and awareness of bereaved parents and their needs to those who want to understand this community including healthcare professionals. We will host an annual memorial with readings, speakers, and recognizing the babies we hold only in our hearts by stating their names out loud. We will host retreats with activities and speakers for moms to gather for bonding. Grieving parents who have started businesses will be able to share their information with each other to build a community of connection and understanding.


Elf Army of Light is all about the human connection of grief, with no judgments. There are three pillars of our mission:

Support: Whether pregnancy loss or infant death – and whether that pregnancy loss was miscarriage, termination of a pregnancy, or stillbirth – you are not alone. Here you will find resources and support for you, your partner, and the siblings of those who you hold in your heart but not your arms, all completely free of religious connotations.

Community: If you know someone going through pregnancy loss or infant death and don’t know what to say or do or how to help, we want you to be able to have a place where you can find information, and appreciate you wanting to learn more in order to be the best support system possible.

Resources: We provide education to our healthcare professional partners to interact with bereaved families from a variety of backgrounds with understanding and compassion. You won’t be able to make it easier, but you can at least bring comfort.

Our Founding Members